Nomad started as a small prototype that I developed during my time at Event Horizon School. I wanted to explore a type of gameplay that involved punishing decisions and constant adaptation. After a couple of years I casually shared the prototype with some friends and we decided to try fleshing out the idea.

As new professional opportunities emerged for all people in our small group, we decided to not continue the development despite being extremely happy about the result.

About the project

Nomad is a turn based exploration game that combines roguelike gameplay with card game mechanics.

Set in a scorching wasteland, you will guide a group of survivors through a painful journey of hope. Inspired by the sci-fi classic Dune and modern punishing roguelikes, Nomad is a hardcore challenge for you to overcome.

  • Survive adapting to every situation, exploit the environment, decide who lives and dies.
  • Explore the hazards of the wasteland and uncover powerful relics of an ancient civilization.
  • Card-based gameplay: build your deck, combine card effects and play your odds.
  • A roguelike unforgiving experience: the desert will test you, will change you, will defeat you.
  • Hard choices: recruit new survivors, guide them in the journey, leave them behind, trade them, murder them, eat them.