Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure DLC

About the game

Donkey Kong Adventure is a DLC for Mario+Rabbids where players can explore a entirely new story with brand new enemies, battles, mechanics and playable characters from the Donkey Kong universe.
It was extremely well received and often referred to as one of the best Ubisoft DLCs for a game in terms of content.

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My contribution

Working with Donkey Kong was super exciting for me, as Donkey Kong Country has been one of my favorite games during my childhood.

During the development I was responsible for the overall economy and progression, where I made sure to find the right balance between the rewards in the critical path and the cost of upgrades, while keeping into account a wide range of player skills.

This implied also taking care of the distribution of rewards, both gameplay and collectibles, to provide constant interest in moving forward with also having enough surprises for the more exploratory players.

In addition, I also designed and prototyped new battle objectives and set pieces, while also building proof-of-concept levels to showcase them. The Bad Bananas objectives, the fire statues and water statues are all designs that I am proud to have worked on.

Lastly, I am extremely happy to have contibuted in shaping up the feel of the Throw action of Donkey Kong himself, thanks to close collaboration with an awesome animation team and lots of iterations.