Space Bungee

Space Bungee started as a game jam entry by me and a group of friends. Soon after the jam was over, we all decided to use some of our time to fully develop the game for mobile devices.

This was indeed one of my first experiences a in a team and even though it had its challenges we managed to have an insane amount of fun and enthusiasm throughout the development.

About the game

Space Bungee is a high-paced, crazy ride into deep space through an endless asteroid field.

Space Bungee was developed during the Dinamicapp 2014 Game Jam contest in which, a freshly-assembled team of guys and gals (fairly inexperienced in the videogame field) tried their best to accomplish the goal of winning and producing the best possible product they could produce.

The team was successfully awarded with every prize during the Jam and ultimately, reached the most significant award of them all by winning the contest in its entirety in February of 2015.


  • iOS
  • Android