Lockdown Update III

Hello again!Hopefully this will be my last “lockdown” post as things seems to be going a bit better all around the world. I wanted to share some new developments on the adventure project I started a couple of months ago and go a bit more in depth on some subjects.Together with a few improvements here […]

Lockdown Update 2

Hello!Since my last post on this blog, a lot of things happened (and also lot of new experiments!)As I had the audacity of following my partner and look for new opportunities in Denmark during the pandemic, this meant that I had a bit of free time lately. After lots of tinkering, I finally decided to […]

The lockdown update

Hey there, it’s been a while since my last update. Aside from the new website and domain, quite a lot of things have changed and a few new personal experiments popped out (not related to my work in any way).As the global pandemic forced me (and everyone else) in staying at home during the weekends, […]